Who the fuck is Gogoponies?

A fit metal band from Milan, Italy, with fast and rhythmic songs with an aggregative character.
Rough, primitive and ironic, Gogoponies is a movement which asks you to celebrate, fueling the amusement with a power show.
Three girls and a guy, supporting girl power, going against every kind of violence. No politics, racism, sexism, bullying or anything else that can poison the mind. Contamination is a reason for growth, improvement and widening of views.
Freedom through expression.
Our fit metal sound combines fitness and metal with raw energy and sweat for the total package of a sculptured body, both inside and out. Every show is different, with a theme and costumes, engaging and fun; we are party!
Pizza. Pasta. Girls. Destroy!




We are… everywhere!


BOOKING and INFO ponymanero@gmail.com
+39 339 760 4000

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